Taste The Experience

For thousands of years, black caviar has been revered as one of the most exquisite of prandial pleasures: it was first described by Aristotle being heralded by trumpets as it was borne aloft into a banquet, and throughout history has been regarded as the “Food of Kings”.

Today, the rarity and cost of the very best caviars from properly regulated and sustainable sources ensure its exclusivity, making it universally sought after and appreciated by those with discerning palates.

And it is black caviar that is the centrepiece of our sumptuous presentations, held in cities, residences, corporate settings… and even private jets… around the world, wherever there is a demand for guests to be royally treated to an unforgettable experience.

Quite simply, our caviar turns an event into an occasion. But there is far more to the Black Caviar Club than just caviar… as you’ll discover on the pages of this website.

The Black Caviar Club was established to deliver unique experiences to people with discerning tastes; and ­–­ as well as designing and managing events that will live long in the memory…